Patent Mexican Standoff

Here is an interesting little article about the current Mexican Standoff between the various vendors in the Smartphone market , and the products that would be directly affected if the relevant complaint is upheld….

You’ll notice that there is no line between HTC and Microsoft, that because HTC agreed a patent protection deal a while back , probably with the proviso that they keep making Win 7 Phones.

Sadly this isn’t even the half of it what with the infamous Oracle/Google case.

and even Kodak(!?) getting in on the act 1, and 2

This looks like turning onto a mess of “Jarndyce and Jarndyce“-ian proportions, and you can’t help but wonder where it end up, especially as the US patent system seems to be held in such high esteem by developers.

I’ll finish up with an oldish post from Former Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz about patent wrangles, as viewed from the inside